Weight Loss Ideas for Men

Weight Loss Ideas for Men

You want to lose weight and being a man you want specific info. Weight Loss for Men gives it to you straight! No pandering about with all the media hyped up products and potions aimed at women or teenagers. You are only here because you want to know more about the specific side of losing weight when you’re a man and that’s all there is to it.

weight loss for menJust so that we are clear, this site is not so much about bodybuilding as being more about body maintenance, which does include physical exercise and some training, although the level of training will be up to the individual as to how much they can and want to do. However, the general idea is to maintain a healthy weight and not necessarily to gain a lot of muscle weight that is the general desire of bodybuilders.

Men Lose Weight Easier than Women

If you’ve ever heard people say that men lose weight easier than women, then you heard right. It’s true in general and that’s because of several factors not least of all being the way our physical makeup differs. A man’s body pound for pound generally has more muscle than a woman, which means he is able to convert more of the calories that he consumes into energy to feed those muscles. That results in less fat storage as long as he uses those muscles! There is the trick to all of this and one of the most important aspects of weight loss for a man.

The emphasis of this website is therefore on the exercise side of weight loss while combining it with a healthy diet to ensure that any man that wants to lose some weight and is serious about it and determined to succeed. Then a man can do so by following the advice and information that is contained in the series of targeted articles specifically written for this website.

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